11/21/2023-The Marysville Drakes are going to have a new jersey in 2024. In addition to some new players they will be sporting a new look. The Drakes, in honor of the pioneers of the game, will wear old style uniforms.

Last year, the Drakes wore green tops with white shoulder stripes and the name Marysville across the chest in multiple colors. This upcoming season the Drakes are trading in their green duds for black. Dublin, which wore black last year, will now be green, more befitting of a team named the Leprechauns.

The Drakes jersey will be button up, feature old style lettering and number fonts, complete with a collar, a look that many ball clubs wore in the early days of baseball. On one sleeve will be the popular Drakes logo and the other sleeve will either have the state of California flag on it or a sponsor. With the attention the Drakes jersey will receive, a sponsor would certainly get plenty of value.

The team will wear white pants at Bryant Field, grey pants on the road and will have a third set of black pants to be worn on special occasions.

Drakes manager Bill Rogan designed the uniform and is excited to see the reaction the new look gets.

"They will be the most talked about uniform in the Pecos League and maybe all of baseball," Rogan said. "They will be comfortable, nice and loose and will look awesome. Some people mentioned to me that black will make the uniform too hot to wear. Well, we play night games. Plus, if the sun is beating down on the back of a player's neck, all they have to do is flip the collar up and it will protect them from the sun. As for games in the Bay Area, retaining heat will be a good thing. Playing in Dublin or Vallejo is like playing baseball in Antarctica. I think I got frostbite last year in Vallejo."

Drakes pitcher Tim Nichols is a fan of the jersey. "I must be old school because I like them," the lefty said. "The collar and white lettering makes the jersey pop."

Not everyone is a fan...yet.

Marysville outfielder Jalen Gordon's first impression was, "are we really going to wear those?" When told yes, he said, "well, they are interesting."

The Sacramento Strong Boy, Joe Starick, who patrols the outfield and plays some first base for the Drakes had one word to describe how he feels about the old style look. "Awesome."

The Drakes will debut the new/old look in their Opening Night game at Albert Park against the defending Pecos League Champion San Rafael Pacifics on Thursday May 23. Drakes fans will get their first in-person look at the uniform the next evening at the home opener at Bryant Field on Friday May 24 at 6:30 versus the Martinez Sturgeon.

"The fans will love our old school look," Rogan said. "Trust me."